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Regulatory Support

Packaging Solutions for Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling Regulations

We offer best-in-class packaging solutions to help brands and manufacturers adhere to Health Canada’s Plain Language Labelling (PLL) regulations. From complex multi-panel cartons to multi-ply and extended content labels, our customers take advantage of our full-service PLL PackReady™ platform to launch high-quality, compliant products to market quickly while minimizing supply chain impacts.

Our PLL PackReady™ Solution

Proven packaging that accommodates more product information, performs on filling lines and maintains strong retail shelf presence for consumers:

  • Nearly 160 PLL SKUs and 50 unique carton designs successfully launched to market for global pharmaceutical brands
  • Packaging structures that maintain the same retail shelf footprint with up to 55% added surface area for more copy and minimized impact to retail planograms
  • Multi-panel cartons are proven to stay sealed on packaging filling lines over 90% of the time while retaining line speed, maintaining efficiency
  • Unlike solutions using fugitive glue for carton panels, our proven adhesive and coating combinations are a). tested for “resealability” – when panels are opened, they will reseal and remain sealed as per client-defined critical-to-quality parameters and b). tested for zero fibre tear – when panels are opened no elements of the carton surface will tear off with adhesive

As a leader in developing packaging compliant with Health Canada’s standards, Jones has proven solutions and unparalleled experience helping global pharmaceutical customers navigate the packaging revision process – from start to finish.

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