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Packaging goes digital


Bring your packaging to life with T+ink's Touchcode™ – unique and transformative “thinking inks” that enable everyday products and packaging to:

  • Conduct power
  • Communicate
  • Interact 

Whether you’re looking to authenticate product in the market, create opportunities for enhanced consumer engagement, stay on top of marketing analytics in real time or go beyond the content limitations of traditional packaging, T+ink's Touchcode™ solution offers endless smart packaging possibilities.

T+ink's Touchcode™ is an invisible electronic code printed on paper, paperboard, film or labels using unique and transformative conductive ink system technology with a number of important benefits:

  • Easily adapts to current printing processes
  • Sustainable ingredients do not impact the recycling stream
  • Security features prevent wireless signal interception and make it virtually impossible to duplicate
  • Provides a gateway to the internet, allowing you to do anything imaginable online from a package – by simply placing it on the display of your smartphone, tablet or multi-touch device:

To experience the future of printed packaging, visit our web app and contact us for a demonstration of the full capabilities of T+ink's Touchcode™.