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Thinfilm NFC OpenSense™

‘Smart packaging’ solution for Rx and OTC brands


Our strategy of developing intelligent packaging solutions for the healthcare market led us to our collaboration with industry pioneer Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”). Together, we have created an interactive packaging solution for pharmaceutical brands to address product integrity and patient safety in Rx and OTC medication packaging. By integrating Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense™ technology into paperboard pharma packaging and establishing key manufacturing processes for production on our high speed lines, we connect the world of physical packaging to virtual and dynamic content on the internet.NFC Smartphone

Thinfilm’s OpenSense technology offers many important applications for brand owners:

  • Ensure product authenticity
  • Deter counterfeiting
  • Improve patient adherence
  • Drive consumer engagement
  • Enhance consumer education

NFC OpenSense tags are thin, flexible labels that can detect both a product’s “factory sealed” and “opened” states and wirelessly communicate contextual content with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone. The tags contain unique identifiers that make it possible for pharmaceutical companies to authenticate products and track them to the individual-item level using powerful software and analytics tools. In addition, the tags remain active even after a product’s factory seal has been broken, empowering brands and medical staff to extend the dialogue with consumers and patients. 

Thinfilm’s “Tag Talks First” protocol is a key feature of the NFC OpenSense tag and enables a read-speed that is up to 20 times faster than conventional NFC solutions. This makes it an ideal technology for use within the high-speed, high-volume production lines found in our packaging manufacturing facilities.

The collaboration between Jones and Thinfilm will also include the integration of ferrite shield labels with the NFC OpenSense tags. This will enable the NFC technology to function on metalized packaging, such as blisters commonly used for cold/flu medication. This is perfectly aligned with our contract packaging capabilities in the area of customized blister packaging solutions for solid dose products including tablets, caplets, capsules and gel caps. 

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