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Jones takes co-chair seat on intelliPACK Leadership Council

intelliPACK has named two new co-chairs for its Leadership Council, including our very own James Lee, Director, Technology & Innovation and Mark Baldwin, President & Co-Founder of TUKU, a Jones technology partner.

The Council provides oversight for intelliFLEX, a non-profit business network co-founded by the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance and PAC Packaging Consortium, which collaborates with supply chain stakeholders to create awareness, educate and facilitate the broad adoption of intelligent packaging solutions in retail.

Council representatives have specialties spanning across the value chain, from manufacturers to technology developers and consumer brands looking to incorporate next-level packaging into their product lines.

Jones has had a seat on the Council since its inception two years ago. We’re pleased to continue taking a leadership role in developing the intelligent packaging market through our work with the Council and our own intelligent packaging offering including Thinfilm NFC OpenSense™ and Touchcode™ technologies.

For more information, please see the full intelliPACK announcement.