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Jones launches first-of-its-kind online ordering platform for pharmacists

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Customers can now order pharmacy supplies 24/7 from Jones Healthcare’s Pharmacy Store

After more than a century partnering with pharmacists to improve health outcomes with leading prescription packaging, Jones continues to respond to customer needs with the launch of a first-of-its-kind direct purchase ecommerce platform for the Canadian pharmacy supply chain at

“As the role of pharmacy professionals continues to grow and evolve, so do we,” says Steve MacNeill, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at Jones. “Pharmacists are playing an expanding position in the continuum of care, which means spending more time consulting with patients and less time on administrative tasks like procurement. To help pharmacists reclaim their valuable time, the Pharmacy Store streamlines the supply ordering process and provides an experience unlike any other pharmacy ordering platform – our customers can do everything from setting up order reminders to purchasing their own customized products at any time to ensure supply continuity.”

With its modern design and intuitive layout, we have placed a strong focus on creating a seamless ordering experience:

  • Ready access to a full e-catalogue of supplies complete with high-quality images, product details, product documents, pricing and availability
  • Frictionless checkout process 
  • Tracking tools for order status, expected ship dates, order history and order reminders
  • Unique user profiles for full visibility into specifications and creative assets for custom-designed pharmacy products
  • Exclusive access to promotions and new products that support pharmacy requirements

Jones worked closely with leading business-to-business ecommerce platform provider Insite Software and their Platinum Partner, XCentium, to create the state-of-the-art solution, which was custom-built to meet Jones customer needs. Our customers can now view and order online everything from adherence packaging to vials, labels, bags, bottles, jars, and a range of miscellaneous supplies and customizable products.

You can review the features and benefits of the store in this video. To learn more about using the store, you can watch a series of tutorial videos here. For more information about online ordering or our range of pharmacy products, you can also contact