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Medical Carts

Improve staff efficiency, elevate patient care

No matter the application, Jones offers a medical cart by Capsa Healthcare specifically designed to improve efficiency and elevate patient care.

Avalo & M-Series Treatment Cart

High-quality healthcare depends on easy access to the right tools and supplies. Jones puts everything care providers need at their fingertips with a complete line of fully customizable medical carts designed to promote orderly storage and organization where it matters most.

From the seamless drawer trays and integral drawer dividers, to the virtually indestructible precision-welded frames and high-impact panels, our carts deliver superior performance and value year after year. Every cart integrates a spread caster position, ensuring stability while making carts easy to move and control. What’s more, the carts incorporate innovative locking systems to keep supplies secure. 

Contact one of our cart specialists to learn more about our medical carts for long-term care: