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Vial Filling

Travel-size solid dose packaging solution for consumers on the go


End-user convenience continues to influence packaging as more consumers turn to smaller products that can be easily stored in travel bags, purses or even gym bags.

If you are looking to address this important consumer trend and gain traction in this growing market, our fully automated solid dose plastic vial filling line can provide a convenient and dependable market-ready solution – all through one single partner.PMP News Image

Our integrated and validated packaging line fills travel-size plastic vials – also known as convenience vials or purse packs – with most solid dosage forms, including tablets, caplets, capsules, and gel caps. It then caps, labels and imprints the lot number and expiry date before completing the secondary packaging process of blistering and carding the vials.

Be sure to check out the article in 'Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News' for full details on our vial line capabilities.

You can also contact us today to learn how our comprehensive vial line can help you take your products to market in a convenient and innovative way.